Friday, November 18, 2011

On Quick Take Friday 11-18-11

7 Random Thoughts

1. I kind of think probably 85% of men are probably disgusting.

2. 15 year olds are pretty dang young and if you are into them then you are a sick fuck and I hope you get butt raped in jail.

3. If you go around saying "karma is real" constantly I will find it hard not to find it ironic if you get cancer.

4. I am totally itching for a verbal fight right now.

5. I don't give a shit if Milwaukee runs an anti-cosleeping ad. I don't feel like the hearts of the people behind the ad are in the wrong place and frankly most people that say they safely co-sleep don't. (Said as a person who actually did safely co-sleep with both of her kids. Hmm, did I?)

6. I think people that don't vaccinate are negligent in lots and lots of ways.

7. I wonder if WAHM every really make any money with their house parties. It is all very very pyramid schemey.

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