Friday, April 29, 2011

On Quick Take Friday: April 29 Edition

7 Random Thoughts

1. I am fascinated with the non-canonical gospels. It is so interesting how some books were canonized and others dismissed. The "who" behind the canonization is also intriguing. A biblical literalist would definitely not agree with me, but I can't help but think some of the omissions/interpretations were made not by God (or by the hand of God) but by man to further specific man's own interest. It is slippery slope though when you start to think about it! So I don't think about it tooooo much. :P

2. I wish my daughter had thick hair. I have always been jealous of people with thick hair and I love to play with hair. I have a feeling doing my daughters hair will be a lot like doing my hair except she doesn't have any curl.

3. Caillou is so whiny.

4. My son is so whiny.

5. I am making my birthday dinner tomorrow. I am making ham, roasted potatoes with a vinaigrette, cheesy vegetable casserole, banana bread, and 2 fake cherry cheesecake (one sugar free for my father in law and one normal). I did all the prep work today so all I really have to do tomorrow is stick stuff in the oven.

6. Ham is probably my favorite meat after bacon. The pig is one tasty animal.

7. Interesting factoid: me, my brother, and my mother in law all have the same birthday.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Flashback to Rogers and Hart

Anyone who reads my blog and was in high school Madrigals/Show Choir/*I can't remember what it was called that year* will remember this song we did at the Rogers and Hart Review.

I was sad when I chose to go to Key Club Convention and got a solo from this song taken away because I was going to miss a practice. :(

So here.

I get the whole song this time. :P

Yes, I am and was a major dork!

On Birthers and South Park

New rule.

I am no longer allowed to look at things or people on the internet that I know will piss me off.

Case in point, all this "birther" stuff.

I am not really one to post toooo much on political stuff. I don't find it overly interesting or fun. Plus it is so polarizing and no one ever ever ever changes anyone else's mind.

But I feel like bitching so bitch I will.

According to CNN, before Obama released his birth certificate 1 in fricking 4 people believed that he was not born in the U.S.

One in four.


Despite him releasing the shorter court issued birth record used for passports, despite newspaper announcements, despite people and public figures in Hawaii vowing for him verifying his birth place 1 in 4 fricking people thought there was a vast conspiracy covering up Obama's true birth place.

Even now after releasing the longer birth certificate I have read a whole mess of people on facebook posting about how it must be a fake.

Really?? Reeeeeeally? *Really*? (Imagine me with a disbelieving, sad, I am disappointed face.)

It makes my head hurt to think that people actually think these sorts of things.

I guess the South Park guys are right. 1 in 4 people are retarded.

p.s. spell check wanted me to change "passort" to "assport" and this made me laugh.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On What I Learned From the Internet This Week- Adak, Alaska Edition

The internet is a magical place.

Want to know how birds mate? One click away. What to know the history of My Little Ponies? Ask google and you shall receive.

Sometimes the internet takes you on some strange tangents.

A few days ago I decided I wanted to see if I could find the most western city in the US without using google's search. So I pulled up Google maps and began my search "by hand".

Then I gave up and searched google.

As it turns out, the most western and eastern cities in the US are in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. So if you are ever on Jeopardy and this question comes up, you now know the answer. You are welcome.

Any who, from this search I found out about a little city named Adak, Alaska.

Until 1997, Adak was home to a Navy base. During Naval times, although isolated, it was fairly built up and modern. Home to thousands of people. It had a McDonald's, a new hospital, and newly updated naval housing. Now, 14 years later, it is a relative ghost town. Only about 300 odd people still reside there. The McDonald's is closed, yet still advertises their Jurassic Park Happy Meals in the window. The hospital is closed. The furnished houses have been left to slowly decay and become eroded by the fiercely high winds that the island experiences.

The pictures are eerie. Because the island was so (relatively) recently abandoned, it looks like one of those "end of the world" specials that the History Channel loves to play. Adding to the creepiness is the military aspect of the island. Apparently there was nuclear crap maintained at the island and danger warnings are all over the place.

I found this one the most entertaining.

Remember kids, don't touch bombs!

You can see more pictures of the island here . And a little narrative of some dude's adventure on the island here.

Pretty neat stuff. Anyone want to go on vacation to an abandoned island with me?

Monday, April 18, 2011

On Not Looking At the Sun

Let me tell you a tale.

The tale begins in Arvada, CO. I was a wee lass of 7-8 and we were visiting my great aunt. During this visit there was a heavily publicized solar eclipse. I had heard about it on the news and latched onto one VERY important piece of information.

Perk up your ears everyone, this is important!!! During an eclipse do not look directly at the sun! They make little boxes and glasses if you feel the need to look at it during this time, but for the love of crackers do not look at the sun without such devices.

Now, as an adult, I know that this is not that big of a deal. An eclipse doesn't really last that long and the odds of accidentally looking directly at the sun and burning your retinas to a crisp is very very low. But, as a kid, this absolutely terrified me. I was not just afraid of looking at the sun, but also feared being in any sunlight before or after the eclipse. Who knows? Perhaps this light had magical blinding powers too!

Really, during times of threat it is better to be safe then sorry.

So I found out what time the eclipse was scheduled for and about 30 minutes before hand I camped out in a windowless bathroom with a bunch of toys. I also brought my 3 year old sister with me for her protection and my mom in for MY protection. If eyeballs were going to become a premium commodity after this debacle we were going to need an adult to defend us. At least a couple people in the family would have sight after all this was over. Apparently my dad and brother didn't care about their eyes as I could not convince them to join me.

As I was sitting in the bathroom I imagined all the poor fools who had not hid in their bathrooms were probably wandering around with no eyeballs. I wanted to peek outside and see what was going on, but I didn't want to risk there being any mutant blinding sunlight in the hallway. I didn't hear any screaming and panic, but maybe they were all in shock.

As it turned out, when we exited the bathroom about 15 minutes post eclipse there were no exploded eyeballs anywhere, nor any mutant sunshine.

However, I stayed in the basement away from windows til sundown just to be safe.

Friday, April 8, 2011

On Quick Take Friday- Apr 8 Edition

7 Random Thoughts

1. My kids have cold ass feet an refuse to wear socks on a regular basis. They also enjoy putting their cold feet on me. I am pretty sure this is karmic payback as one of my favorite things to do every night is warm up my cold feet on my husband.

2. I was watching Teen Mom Season finale on MTV a couple nights ago. OMG. I cannot stand Janelle or the blond one with Adam. If Janelle doesn't have some sort of mental illness/ personality disorder I would be shocked. I don't really think the blond one has an excuse for her behavior outside of sheer stupidity and neediness.

3. One of the Teen Mom girls said that they didn't think the show glorified teen pregnancy and that she just didn't understand how anyone could think that it did when they saw how hard all the teen moms struggled. To a point I think she is right. I don't think the content of the show glorifies or makes having a baby early in life easy.

However, all of those girls are getting paid a decent money to have their lives taped. Considering a good portion of them are high school drop outs it is very good money. Add on top of that a lot of them have become tabloid stars and, while the show isn't hyping squirting out a kid at 16 as super easy, it does tacitly imply that it might make you a D-list celebrity and give you a nice income.

You and I know that winning the MTV lottery and earning a spot on that show is slim, but 16 year olds are not known for their superior reasoning skills and impulse control.

4. Some of the births on that show make me sad for the girls and their babies.

5. My husband was telling me the other day that he had heard of a hospital that was employing doulas. Sneaky! Just like hospital birth classes teach you to be a good patient, how much do you want to bet a hospital doula does the same thing? I suppose I could be cynical. It wouldn't be the first time. I would be interested to see the c-section stats from that hospital though.

6. Our power went out last night for 3 hours. I suppose if the power is going to go out midnight is a good time for it to do so.

7. I realized last night as I was about to go to bed that I didn't know if turtles had penises. I know I have never seen one. So I asked my husband to Google it for me since I had shut down my computer. Sadly, he refused.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On a Conversation Between Me and My Five Year Old

Overheard on the way to 3 year old's ballet practice...

Me: Your grandpa is in Texas right now.

5 year old: Is that near Florida?

Me: No. It is straight south of here. Your uncle is in Florida right now though.

5 yo: I know that. You don't have to keep telling me stuff.

Me: Well, okay then.

5 yo: He is going to a wedding?

Me: Yes.

5 yo: Will those people have a baby?

Me: The people getting married? I don't know. Maybe.

5 yo: Why did you and dada have babies?

Me: Um.

5 yo: Because you wanted more people to help clean the house?

Me: Uh no. The messes you guys make far exceeds any cleaning you do.

5 yo: I am not messy. (Drops a kleenex on the floor of the car)

Me: Sure.

5 yo: So why did you have babies?

Me: Your dad and I wanted other people to love.

5 yo: But you already had dada.

Me: Well, yeah. But we wanted you guys too.

5 yo: Ahh. So why did you make me first?

Me: (Thinks: OMG, how do I make this conversation stop. Do I go with the scientific reason he came first or cop out?)

Me: Well, God just made you first I guess.

5 yo: Ahh, he knew I liked being first all the time.

Me: So he did.