Friday, August 3, 2012

On Medieval Times

 My sister and I took the kids to Medieval Times tonight.  I had never been and it was on my cheesy things I need to do bucket list.  Here are...

7 Thoughts On Medieval Times:

1.  We had the Yellow Knight.  He looked like the puffy guitarist from Ben Folds Five so I developed a little crush on him.

2.  Very few men cannot pull off long hair. The Yellow Knight really didn't either, but I forgave him. 

3.  Ad got a "rose" thrown to her but another little girl stole it.  The Yellow Knight was nice enough to throw another one to her.

4.  Ry farking lurved the sword fighting.  He was almost embarrassingly loud in his cheering. 

5.  I have a feeling that the actors in Medival Times would do very well at WWF wrestling.  Is it even called WWF anymore?

6.  My son got the vegetarian plate because he wouldn't eat anything but rice.  

7.  My sister and I kept our crowns on in the car and I waved at passing cars on the way home.


  1. i flippin' love you.

    in other news, it is not called WWF anymore, but i haven't cared to learn what it's new moniker is.

  2. I believe it's called WWE now, because they are not affiliated with rescuing or wrestling endangered animals. I want to take the kids so badly! There is one super close. I would have done the really loud MOM voice and said "that's not yours" to that kid. I hope you took pictures!