Wednesday, June 20, 2012

8 Random Thoughts:

1. My son finally wipes his own ass. It only took 6 years.

2. Swimming lessons are boring to watch.

3. I can't decide what I want to write my summer grad research proposal on. I am torn between something hard that I like and something easy that I don't think is as important.

 4. A random list of weird things I dislike: bandaids, earwigs, goggles, sunscreen, and old ass furbies that become possessed in the middle of the night and start "talking".

 5. There is a kid in my son's swimming class that needs an IEP. Too bad the park district doesn't do those for 8 day group lessons.

6. I don't like the new Sprout lady on their Sprout Morning Show. Her clothes are ugly.

7. I don't think you can ever own too many lip glosses.

 8. I love this song:

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