Saturday, December 31, 2011

On Teh Queenly Prospectus

So my friend Chu has a ChÜberlist. It has all the things she wants to get done during the year. I always enjoy reading her list updates and seeing her cross her items off her list. So, I am going to be a big old copy cat.

I don't have a super fun name like Chu. :( Luberlist sounds like something found on a gay porn site. So I am going to be boringly pretentious and call this Teh Queenly Prospectus. While Chu is ambitious and has 100 things she wants to get done, I am going to be lazy and aim for 25. :P More may be added throughout the year.

Without further ado, here is my list:

1. Complete a 30 day Shred.
2. Finalize a life plan by May.
3. Get the divorce finalized.
4. Teach Ad to read.
5. Work on writing with Ry 2 nights a week.
6. Get the kids in swimming lessons.
7. Find a church.
8. Investigate local choirs.
9. Sell the truck.
10. Fit into old pants by June.
11. Get my hair cut every 4 months.
12. Get my hair highlighted.
13. Learn how to do my own eyebrows
14. Get at least a 3.8 every semester.
15. Organize my bedroom.
16. Find a part time job or assistantship
17. Learn either sign language or relearn Spanish.
18. Open a local checking account.
19. Read 6 non fiction books not related to school.
20. Learn how to make a new type of cookie.
21. Get Ad's allergy numbers retested.
22. Drop 2 pant sizes by December.
23. Teach Ry to tie his shoes.
24. Teach both my kids to wipe their own asses.
25. Try a new type of fruit

I can't say I am glad to see 2011 bite the big one. I am not going to tempt fate by claiming 2012 couldn't get much worse then this past year, because as crappy as it was, it definitely could have been worse. Still, I have a good feeling about 2012.

And remember, I am a little psychic.

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