Sunday, January 1, 2012

On Used Cloth Dipes

I need someone to explain the draw of buying used cloth diapers to me. Used diaper sales are all over my facebook today, so surely one of my friends can enlighten me.

I get that used diapers are cheaper then new ones, but the fact that they are used means some little person pooped and peed in them. Probably a lot. The fact that they have been through a washing machine doesn't really help me understand this phenomenon any better. I would never ever want to put on some one else's underwear that had previously been pooped in, even if it had, indeed, taken a turn around a Whirlpool.

If you buy used cloth diapers do you also buy used grown up undies? At least no one has likely pooped or peed in those! Do you make your kids give their old underwear to their younger siblings when they out grow them?

Is it because they are babies you think they don't care that they are wearing someone else's drawers? Because I bet they do care. Babies are just miniature people. They have feelings and dignity and it probably makes them sad to wear used underwear.

In fact, I am going to hypothesize that 20% of colic cases from moms who cloth diaper are caused by by their babies protesting used dipes.

Poor babies. If only their mamas had bought them new undies their colic would be cured. :(

(By the way I will laugh my behind off if this thread ever gets pulled up by a google search for colic cures. :P)

The end.


  1. Gross. I shudder at the thought. But I'm a non-crunchy mom anyway and have no interest in cloth diapers. I made a quilt out of my underwear, but it's MY underwear. Is it weird that it's for the baby? I am planning on using it to traumatize her as a young adult.

  2. As long as you didn't quilt the crotch I am okay with an underwear quilt. :P