Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Quick Take Whenever 2-29-12

8 Random Thoughts:

1. I don't really mind watching My Little Ponies. Rarity is my favorite. :)

2. I love potato chips on ham sandwiches.

3. I am ready for it to be April so I have a better idea of what my next two years will look like.

4. I want to grow out Addie's bangs so she can lose the Brenda Walsh look. I am not looking forward to the process though. The kid can't keep a barrette in her hair to save her life.

5. Ryan got into the gifted program. :)

6. Why don't cats have belly buttons? Someone needs to explain this too me.

7. I am skeered of the spring. Last fall, around campus, I saw more female and male buttcracks then I had ever seen in my entire life. I don't want butt crack to be the new cleavage. Butts are kind of inherently gross and it is not that I am prude, there are just very few butts I want to see. I have a feeling as soon as it starts to get a little warmer butt cracks will be cropping up all over the classroom.

8. Whenever I have to go to the clinic/lab I think of this song. :P

1 comment:

  1. Cats DO have belly buttons. They are very smooth, and you have to shave their bellies and rub alcohol (rubbing, not drinking) on the midline to see it.
    Yes, I know this because I prep'ed a lot of damn cats for surgery and every single one had a belly button. ;)