Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On My Three Year Old's Morning

Three year olds are mysterious.

Even after having 2 I still haven't quite figured them out.


6:45 this morning I was sleeping soundly. I had slept through my husband's alarm and him getting out of bed.

I was awakened from this deep sleep by a scratching noise in my closet.

We have a little cat who likes to go into the closet and jump on some boxes I store in there. So being the morning person I am I mumble, "Knock it off kitty!" and throw my headband (that was sitting on my nightstand) at the closet door.

The noise stopped. I figured I had startled the cat enough to get her to stop and drifted back to a light sleep.

Then a few minutes later a creepy singing noise starts coming from the closet. It doesn't really sound like my kid. So I get worried that I am being visited by the children of the corn or a poltergeist.

Then, right as I was starting to get concerned, out of my closet pops my daughter.

I ask her what she was doing in there and she says she wanted to go in there to play with her doll. I ask if her dad brought her into our room and she says, no she came in on her own.

I am not at all sure what her thought process was and why she felt the need to play in my closet in the dark, but whatever.

So then I ask how long she has been out of bed, but since she has no real concept of time she cannot answer that to my satisfaction.

She does tell me that she woke up because she wanted a poptart, but she couldn't get the box open.

I later find the poptart box has teeth marks on it.

Such are the ways of the mysterious three year old...

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