Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On a Conversation Between Me and My Five Year Old

Overheard on the way to 3 year old's ballet practice...

Me: Your grandpa is in Texas right now.

5 year old: Is that near Florida?

Me: No. It is straight south of here. Your uncle is in Florida right now though.

5 yo: I know that. You don't have to keep telling me stuff.

Me: Well, okay then.

5 yo: He is going to a wedding?

Me: Yes.

5 yo: Will those people have a baby?

Me: The people getting married? I don't know. Maybe.

5 yo: Why did you and dada have babies?

Me: Um.

5 yo: Because you wanted more people to help clean the house?

Me: Uh no. The messes you guys make far exceeds any cleaning you do.

5 yo: I am not messy. (Drops a kleenex on the floor of the car)

Me: Sure.

5 yo: So why did you have babies?

Me: Your dad and I wanted other people to love.

5 yo: But you already had dada.

Me: Well, yeah. But we wanted you guys too.

5 yo: Ahh. So why did you make me first?

Me: (Thinks: OMG, how do I make this conversation stop. Do I go with the scientific reason he came first or cop out?)

Me: Well, God just made you first I guess.

5 yo: Ahh, he knew I liked being first all the time.

Me: So he did.

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