Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Play Silks and Plastic

Let us speak briefly about toys. As the mother of two small people, many toys reside in my house. I would love to tell you that I only let my kids play with hand crafted wood toys made from local artisans and bought at farmers markets. But, um yeah, actually I would not love to tell you that because then I would be someone I would secretly think was trying too hard.

Mom culture is sooooo competitive. I almost feel dirty telling you that 93% of my kids toys are made out of plastic. Many make noise, many play into "princess culture", many are aimed at directive vs. interpretive play. I will let you in on a secret. I am totally okay with this.

Sometimes, if I find myself in a group of women talking about the latest play silk co-op deal they found (Play silks are so awesome! They are hand dyed! They can pretend it is anything!) I will smile and nod. But inside I am giggling that they bought their kid a 20 dollar piece of fabric when the kid likely would have been just as happy with a cut up sheet.... or a barbie.

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