Monday, November 29, 2010

On Queen Bees and Wannabees

I have been meaning to read a ton of books.

I probably wont.

When I do read I usually read garbage. Nice, fun, fluffy garbage.

One book I have been meaning to read, especially since I have a girl child, is Queen Bees and Wannabees. I checked it out from the library a couple years ago but only got around to glossing over it. I have been reading through reviews and summaries this morning, contemplating an Amazon buy.

It is a really interesting premise. Bascially, the author labels girls into different categories and gives advice to parents as to how to deal with each category and with various situations that typically arise.

I think the most interesting thing about the categories is how little women seem to change as they get older. In any playgroup or work setting I can pick out the Queen, the Sidekick, the Banker, ect, ect. I can also pick out which role I have played in various groups over my life. (Which interestingly is not the same role over the years.) It makes sense, really, that the social structure that we fall into at a formative age follows us around throughout our lives. Shoot, I bet it follows us to the nursing home.

While researching the book I found this little quiz.

Go ahead and take it. Girls like quizzes. YM conditioned us to love them in 7th grade.


  1. I do really like quizzes.

    Is it really possible that my two highest answers were floater and banker?

  2. Haha, Steph I got sidekick and banker.

  3. I got floater. It was pretty much right on.

  4. Floater. I'd call it accurate.


  5. I feel like I should add that my response to Steph was when I took the quiz as I remembered myself in high school. :P When I took it "for present day" I got banker, sidekick, and floater all in equal measure.

  6. Um, I'm a target?
    Maybe someone else should answer for me. :P

  7. I think you might be part messenger part floater Nikki. :P

    Did you take it like you were in high school or like current?

  8. I loved YM. Let's not forget Sassy. I'm a Target/Queen Bee, LOL

  9. I am a floater...that is definetely accurate in comparison to high school years.

  10. It's a fun book to read :) I'm a floater/target.