Friday, March 4, 2011

On Hey Dude and Where They Are Now

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So my kids were watching Barney on Sprout the other morning and I began to wonder what happened to all the Barney kids. I began contemplating looking them all up on the internet to see what became of them. Then I stopped myself.

Why should I care what happened to the Barney kids? I don't even like Barney. If I am going to waste the time my kids are napping on something it should be worth my time.

That made me think about what shows I did like as a kid, and of course I thought of Hey Dude.

I decided devoting 30 minutes to finding out whatever happened to them was worth it.

And now, I will share it with you. You are so lucky you know me.

Without further ado:

Ted: Duh. He was on Sabrina and Teenage Witch and Blossom (barf). He has aged pretty well and lost a bit of the goofball look. It looks like he is still acting, albeit sporadically and not in anything major.

Melody: Duh again. She is in a bunch of stuff and married to Ben Stiller. She will always be Marcia Brady to me.

Mr. Ernst: Still acting. Married to Dr. Weaver from ER.

Now we get to the hard ones.

Buddy: No acting after the Dude. I think this is Buddy's facebook page. I refuse to ask him though because I am a dork, but not THAT big of a dork.

Brad: Also no acting after turning in her spurs. I am also only pretty sure this is her page since I refuse to ask. She is friends with Buddy so it seems likely. She, like Ted, seems to have aged well.

Danny: He is a mystery. There is an internet rumor he died. There is competing rumor he plays in a bowling league in Tuscon AZ. The last rumor claims he is a car salesman in New Jersey. Who knows. The name Joe Torres is pretty common so take your pic of the many Joe Torres' on facebook.

So there you have it.

Watch out for those man eating jack rabbits and those killer cacti.


  1. I just yelled OHMYGOD when I read the blog post because I FREAKIN LOVE HEY DUDE ALL CAPS! I am totally convinced that those are the correct Facebook pages. Thank you!

  2. Ummm, you should TOTALLY ask. I bet they'd be flattered. What's the worst that could happen, they think you're a weirdo?

    Want me to log in with Andrew's facebook account and ask from there?

  3. Oh, and I do want to know what happened to the original Barney kids so find out for me. I love Barney and the original weirdos will always be the best.