Friday, March 4, 2011

On Quick Take Friday- March 4 Edition

7 Random Thoughts

1. This Charlie Sheen stuff is nuts and sad. I have always found him to be a likable character. Even when he was involved in all that high priced hooker business he still managed to come off as a lovable scamp. Now? Not so much. There is lovable scamp and then there is bat shit crazy, and poor Charlie is firmly planted in the latter category.

2. Why do hospitals bother to give you an "unofficial" birth certificate? It is utterly useless. Why can't you just get an official copy before you leave the hospital???? That would be to convenient probably.

3. My son is all registered for kindergarten. He will go full days next year. He is super excited.

4. We started our seeds for our container garden. Peas, beans, and carrots. No tomatoes this year. Tomatoes taste like poison and no one in my family eats them.

5. I bet my mom and dad never thought they would see the day when I would voluntarily eat squash. I also bet they thought I would get pay back for the dramatic reactions to the no thank you bites I was forced to take of squash in my youth. Well, haha on you mom and dad, my kids eat squash. One even claimed to like it! I don't even mind some varieties now.

6. My black cat snores. It is super annoying.

7. I have never liked Kermit the Frog. He is such a a pushover. Why does he even like Miss Piggy? She is always rude to him. Stupid Muppets.

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