Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On a Random Sign on a Random Road

I have lived about 2 hours south of my parents since 2001. I make the trek up there every couple of months.

Ever since I have been making this journey there has been a sign on a country road that makes me think every time I drive by it. It is located pretty much in the middle of no where. It is at the corner of a country road in the corn fields of central Illinois. It is a whitewashed board shoved in the ground with scrawling letters and an arrow pointing down the country lane.

The sign reads: Penis Contest ----->


A penis contest?

What happens at a penis contest?

Do penises perform feats of strength?

Is it a beauty contest?


What is happening at this location???

It couldn't possibly be graffiti.

Somewhere, down that lonely country lane, there is a penis winning a gold medal and taking a bow.

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