Friday, February 25, 2011

On Quick Take Friday- Feb 25

1. I haven't felt like posting all week because my face was busy having a gross infection.

2. I want to thank the doctor at OSF Prompt Care who totally misdiagnosed my gross face and gave me the wrong antibiotic basically prolonging my misery for 2 days.

3. I non-ironically want to thank the doctor I went to yesterday that seemed to get it right and prescribed 2 different antibiotics that seem to be clearing things up.

4. OMG, face infections are painful. I think the only 2 things that hurt worse were my c-section and cutting my leg open with my bike in 4th grade.

5. I am glad it was not shingles or MRSA, just good old fashioned impetigo. And yes, when my doctor asked me if I knew what impetigo was I answered, "Um, sorta, I saw it once on America's Next Top Model." And I totally loved that she knew which episode I was talking about.

6. How hard is it not to itch something that itches???? OMG my stupid face itches and I can't touch it.

7. Um, on another note, Happy Birthday little sister! You are my favorite 3rd pizza.

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