Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Why My 3-Year-Old Is Kinda Like a Cliched Rapper

My 3 year old is a funny girl.

She was very verbal at a young age and I love to brag about how smart and awesome she is.

Like every child she has her quirks.

Her current quirk? At times she kind of resembles a stereotypical 90's/early 00's rapper.

Why you ask?

Let me tell ya.

5 Reasons My Daughter Resembles a Cliched Rapper

1. She pronounces the word yeah, "yee-ah-yah". Think Lil Jon. I live with Lil' lil' Jon.

2. She loves her bling. The more bling the better. She would pee her pants (literally since she is not potty trained) over a chunky gold necklace.

3. She randomly bursts out in rhyme.

4. She has an established rivalry. Some days my house feels like an east coast/west coast feud when she and her brother fight.

5. She really likes money. She has been known to throw pennies in the air. Not 100 dollar bills, but a kid has to work her way up.

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  1. <3
    I love that you're raising a little rapper.