Monday, January 31, 2011

On Snow Monkeys and Flings

Pop Quiz Monday!

In honor or Snowmageddon, I googled snow and quiz and this one looked liked it fit the bill.

If we get to much snow I suppose it is possible that our shelters and societal infrastructures might start to fail. If that happens society itself might devolve into our pre-human, primate state.

Ahhhh! I wasn't worried, but now I am.

How will you survive? Will you know which bark to eat? Do monkeys even eat bark?

This quiz will help you out:

Do you have the social skills that every snow monkey needs to survive?

If you fail this quiz I suggest you study up. You never know when we might devolve.

Just don't start to fling your poop too soon. If it turns out we aren't devolving everyone will laugh at you and you will forever be know as the asshole that throws poop at people.

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