Monday, January 10, 2011

On Guns and Opinions

Pop quiz Monday.

Todays quiz is here.

Know your state's gun laws.

I scored a 70%.

The questions I got wrong were the answers I over estimated the state's common sense and desire for its citizens to be safe.

Since everyone is talking gun laws this and gun laws that today I figured I would throw my 2 cents in.

I am all for taking everyone's guns away.

Gun culture begets gun violence.

I know it is your second amendment right to bare arms, and I know that banning guns will never happen, but I would not shed a tear if our country banned them all.

I can think of absolutely no reason for any civilian Joe Schmo accountant to truly NEED a hand gun. You want a rifle for hunting? Eh. I guess, but really I am fine with taking those away too. Go get your meat at Walmart.

Honestly, this is a gut opinion. I know there are some valid arguments against it. I haven't studied forestry to know what would happen with over population of deer. I haven't studied criminology to know how this would effect organized crime.

But if I truly was Queen of teh World I would totally melt down everyone's guns and make a big statue of myself from the metal as a tribute to my awesome leadership.


  1. I got a 60%, but really I was just guessing the whole time.

    Me, being the libertarian socialist that I am does not want guns to go away. In fact I think everyone should have several (although we own none) because otherwise the government could just walk right in and steal all your stuff.

  2. I also got a 60%. We're all gonna die.

    Regarding the deer, which is a very serious topic in Illinois (I've been deer hunting a few times since I grew up in SOUTHERN Illinois); the idea is that deer would breed and over populate and starve to death and also cause a hazard for motorists . Last time I checked though, there haven't been guns since the dawn of life on Earth, so I would assume (as I like being a total ass) that eventually other predators would take care of the deer and we'd get back into some sort of natural balance.

    I don't know if coyotes would get mobsters, though. Too greasy?

    I don't think that no one should have guns. If I didn't have kids, I'd probably have guns. I grew up in a house with guns and was taught from a very early age the dangers and responsibility of owning a gun. That is probably rare. I think it should be much harder to own a gun though. A full criminal and background check and a standard mental evaluation. I think we can all agree that crazy felons probably shouldn't own a gun. More registrations, more recurring fees, more paperwork and more education on handling and safety. A general pain in the ass.

    On the other side of that, anyone can get anything if they have enough money.

  3. This country, yet again proves its willful ignorance with a blatant misinterpretation of the constitution. What the "four-fathers" (seen it spelled as such) really meant.