Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Quick Take Almost Friday- January 6 Edition

Quick Take Almost Friday!

7 Random Thoughts

1. I have an idea for tomorrow's post so I am doing quick takes today.

2. I get annoyed that my kids don't ever eat the same things. I think they pattern their tastes to be opposite on purpose.

3. My husband is in L.A. all week. When people ask me why he is there I have no idea how to describe what he does. I know what he does, I just have no idea how to describe it to other people.

4. I recently got 3 free coupons for Excedrin Migraine. Free things make me happy.

5. I have not cooked a "real dinner" in the week that my husband has been gone. Unless you count microwaved baked potatoes and pita pizzas as real dinner. Honestly my kids prefer simple (i.e. not mixed together) food so I don't feel like making a complicated dinner for just me.

6. That said, I have stuck with my weight watchers points all week fairly easily. Go me.

7. My son got his first invitation to a birthday party that was not through one of of my friends. This makes me a little verkempt because it means he is growing up and making his own friends. Sadly for my son, his friend's party is on my son's birthday so I think he will miss it.

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