Saturday, January 8, 2011

On Weaners and a Public Thank You Note

I think it is official. I have a weaner. As in wean-er. A child who has weaned. :P

This could have been a way more scandalizing post if it was about me having a weenier.

We nursed for 37 months. 18 months of that I was dairy free for her and 31 months I was egg free. It sucked a little, but honestly, it wasn't that hard. It sounds harder to do then it is.

In total I have nursed both of my children 45 months. So, for over 4 and a half years I have nursed. Nearly 15% of my life.

Hopefully this gift I have given to my kids will help them to be smarter, healthier people.

I am right now giving myself a huge, self satisfied pat on the back.

I am awesome.

It was not easy in the beginning. I almost quit multiple times during the first 6 months with my son. It hurt. It sucked. I bled. I added it up and I spent at least about 400 dollars on lactation aids and consultants. Both of my children used nipple shields for abut the first 8-9 months of nursing. It was not always sunshine and roses. Far from it.

But motherhood is about sacrifice and it was worth it.

I was also lucky to have supportive local friends to guide me. Only in a group of lacating mothers is it not considered weird to ask someone to look at your nipple to see if your duct looks clogged. Thank you to all of you. Even if some of us are no longer close.

I was lucky to have a mother who had nursed and could provide first hand support and knowledge. We live in a society where that is becoming more and more rare. Thank you to my mom.

I was lucky to have a supportive husband. Lucky that he was able to support our family allowing me to stay home. If I had had to go back to work when my son was 8 weeks I can guarantee I would have nursed less then 6 months. Thank you to my husband.

It is a little bittersweet, but I was really ready to be done.

My "baby" is growing up.


  1. So bittersweet! I love interacting with the kids as they grow, but it's so sad at the same time!

    I also find it sort of interesting that in such a conservative area, there really is a lot of breastfeeding support and crunchiness. :) Maybe things are changing little bits at a time! (And also, it's super weird in Seattle, b/c everyone is SO AP. It was so pleasant to be in public. :P )

  2. Very happy post!!! :) Good for you!