Friday, January 21, 2011

On Quick Take Friday- January 21th Edition

7 Random Thoughts...

1. It is like -4 outside right now. This makes no difference to me because my house is 69 degrees. Plus, once it gets colder then, like 9 degrees, all cold feels the same. At least it feels the same while running from the car to the grocery store. I might sing a different tune if I was living in an igloo.

2. If I lived in a igloo I would be sad.

3. It is not that igloos aren't cool looking, I just think i would have a hard time heating it to almost 70 degrees.

4. Plus, I hate wearing layers. Wearing layers in an igloo seems like it would be a necessity.

5. Why doesn't Mickey Mouse and the Gang chase Pete out of the Clubhouse? He is such a dick. The gang has a monopoly on the area. Clarabelle owns the store, hence controlling the food source. Why not refuse to serve Pete? Is Clarabelle that greedy that she can't refuse a sale? What a cow.

6. Watching my daughter dance is the cutest thing ever. However, if an adult danced like her I might think there was something wrong with them.

7. I wonder how nail biting starts. I don't remember ever not biting my nails.

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