Friday, January 28, 2011

On Quick Take Friday- January 28th Edition

7 Random Thoughts

1. Dehydrated pineapple is delicious and tastes like candy.

2. I learned how to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 to amuse my son. Now I am stuck on 90 stars and I am annoyed.

3. I am attempting to potty train my daughter. Again. I swear it is the worst part of parenting a preschooler. I have no idea how to explain how pee and poop comes out of your ass. It just does. And before it does sit on the potty please. Pretty please? How about if I buy you a toy?

4. None of the underwear I bought her from the first time I tried to train her will fit her anymore. So now I have a pile of 2T underwear that was never worn. The packages were open though so I can't just donate them. Ten dollars worth of underwear down the drain. A casualty of my inability to potty train my kid.

5. I really hate band wagons.

6. I also dislike kool-aid.

7. The Ben Folds concert I went to Tuesday was really good. He played pretty much all of my favorites. The only downside were the dudes that sat in front of us. They smelled like pot and BO. And one of them seemed to have intermittent gas. Mr. Folds playing Bitches Ain't Shit made up for it though.

Here is video from the concert. He is doing some sort of a capella project and we all got to participate. :P


  1. I loathe potty training. The older girls were relatively easy--I waited until they were ready and all of that jazz, and then it was fine and done in a day. My son is almost 3-1/2 and has absolutely no desire whatsoever. I have been threatening that the baby might shame him by potty-training first... He doesn't care. Gotta love boys.

  2. I am seriously at a loss with this. I am trying to wait til she is ready, but she is over 3. I am just not sure how to explain it to her. :P