Friday, January 14, 2011

On Quick Take Friday- January 14th Edition

7 Random Thoughts on Cake

1. I like making cakes. My dream job is to work at a cake shop. :P

2. My favorite cake is cherry chip with old school funfetti frosting. The kind with colored chips in it, not sprinkles. Sadly, I don't think this frosting exists anymore.

3. Cake is kind of hard to make without eggs. There are lots of substitutes, but the best one for cakes really is enerG Egg replacer. Even if one box is 6 bucks, it will last you forever.

4. Carrot cake is gross, but I eat it if it is served because I love cream cheese frosting. Vegetables do not belong in cake. Or brownies. (I'm looking at you spinach.)

5. I love the band Cake even if my husband hates them and the lead singer only really speak-sings.

6. Tea cakes always make me sad because they are just a tiny bite of cake. I want more damn it.

7. Even though I like making cakes and like reality television, I really dislike all the cake shows on tv. Booo Cake Boss.

1 comment:

  1. Dot frosting totally does exist! We just had it on Carter's cake on Wednesday. Betty Crocker makes it and only certain stores in Peoria have it.