Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On What My Sims Did This Week and Why I am a Dork :P

My life is boring this week so instead of telling you about me, I thought I would tell you about my Sims.

Sadly, my first Sim died this week. She was a vampire and spent too much time out in the sun. Sims are not very smart. She was a movie star with a 5 star celebrity rating so I am sure all the other Sims around town miss her. She left behind 2 grown twin vampire females and a fiance who crashed my game every time I would try to get him to marry her. He had commitment issues.


However, her twin daughters are doing well. They recently joined a band and are starting to play gigs at dive bars. They are vampires as well. Hopefully they have learned from their mother's mistake.

One of the twins recently gave birth. She ended up having an unassisted home birth because her boyfriend left the house as soon as she went into labor. Luckily all went well. Mom and baby seem to be doing fine.

So ends my brief synopsis of my Sims' week.

Hopefully I will think of something better to write about tomorrow. :P

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