Sunday, December 5, 2010

On Brenda Walsh and Broccoli (90210 part two)

After touching recently on Donna Martin’s beauty, let us now continue on to an analysis of Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh.

I like to think of Brenda as broccoli. She is a bitter acquired sort of a taste. Kelly? Is corn. Kind of boring and served up often.

Growing up I hated Brenda. And broccoli for that matter. Brenda was kind of mean and a little bitchy. She whined a LOT. She dated a rich surfer that I , at the time, totally coveted. Most of her clothes were dark and boring. Her hair was dark, boring, and had bangs. I came really close to joining the I hate Brenda fan club. The only thing that kept me from joining was a 5 dollar entrance fee. That was like 1 whole hour of babysitting.

Now Kelly was my favorite back in the day. I rooted for her when she stole Brenda’s boyfriend. Cheered when she was mean to Steve. Silently longed for the clothes she wore. And wished I had pretty swingy blond hair.

Now watching the show as an adult I wonder what the heck I was thinking.

Brenda was really quite normal. (Which was the point of the show at first I guess.) She had every right to be a little snippy and bitchy to the snotty rich kids. And why the heck would I have rooted for for two cheaters? Brenda was totally the injured party in the Kelly/Dylon/Brenda triangle.

Poor Brenda. Banished to France and shunned by Aaron Spelling.

Everyone needs a Brenda as a friend. Broccoli is good for you.

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