Monday, December 27, 2010

On Short Hair and Long Faces

I have never had truly long hair.

I am pretty sure I was not meant to have long hair. My hair is fine and grows super duper slow. Like 3 or 4 inches a year tops. Plus I have a longer then average face and neck so i need to grow extra inches for it to look longer. (Does that make sense to you? It makes sense in my head.:P)

Toss on top of that that my hair is a weird sort of naturally curly/wavy (not the cute kind of curly) and I need to grow it even longer to look long because the curl eats up length. It is like a trifecta of evilness working against me.

The problem with my hair fighting against being long is that I am 99% sure my husband prefers long hair.

So my dilemma is obvious. Grow my hair long and have it be difficult to manage (but have my husband like it), or get a cute shorter cut that is easier to deal with (but have my poor husband have to fake that he likes it). He is nice. He would lie. And really that is how it should be. But I would know. And it would make me sad. :P

So to help me decide what to do, in honor of pop quiz Monday, I looked to Cosmo and their quiz:

Quiz: Should You Cut Your Hair Short?

Lo and behold I was gifted with the advice to cut my hair into a cute bob.

Fortunately for my husband, I like him better then Cosmo. So I will keep holding out and throwing my hair into french twists.

But eventually my hair will get to point where I cannot stand it. Then, despite my husband's love of long hair I will cave, run to the stylist and come home with a cute hair cut he will have to pretend to like.


  1. 99% of guys like long hair. My husband likes my hair long, too, but he also likes it when I'm not bitchy, so when I want to cut my hair, he's all for it if it'll shut me up. :)

  2. men like long hair because they don't have to keep up with it.
    now, on to the real issue at hand. you want him to be all "ooh, hey sexy" on occasion because of your hair. enter the world of wigs. short hair for you, long hair when it would be fun.
    crisis averted.