Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Office Christmas Parties and Jane Fonda

Song prompt Wed!

"I took her with me to the Christmas office party. Mistake."- Bitch Went Nutz, Ben Folds.

This Thursday is my husband's office Christmas party.

I like parties. I think this should be fun.

It is funny how office parties vary from job to job. At my first job at a broke college, the Christmas party was a simple lunch at an employee's house.

My second job at an insurance company always had a Christmas party/luncheon at a nice hotel.

My husband works at companies that have more fun parties. He has had parties at a comedy club, a bowling alley, and riverboat.

This weeks party is at a Japanese steak house. Mmmmm sushi.

I always am a bit concerned that I will somehow embarrass my husband at these types of parties or company gatherings. Usually all conversation topics are kept light, but I am always afraid of politics or something coming up. I love to argue. Mix in beer and I am always afraid I will somehow slip up and find myself arguing about breastfeeding in public or zero population growth. I don't have a lot of hot buttons, but I have a few that I feel super strong urges to argue about when they come up.

Send anti-Jane Fucking Fonda Junior vibes please. :P

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