Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Effingham IL and Not Much Else

Song prompt Wed!

"Effington could be a wonderful f'ing place." Ben Folds, Effington.

Despite the title and lyrics, Mr. Folds has confirmed that this song is actually about Effingham, IL. He misread a sign I guess.

So in honor of this song I will now tell you 5 things I know about Effingham without using wikipedia.

1. The former business manager of Effingham once called my boss to compliment me on being such a good client contact. So, based on that I like Effingham.

2. There is no easy way to drive to Effingham from where I live. That is perhaps because no one wants to vacation in Effingham.

3. I consider Effingham to be in southern Illinois even though it is in the middle of the state. Really, I consider anything south of Joliet to be in southern Illinois.

4. Effingham could be a wonderful effing place. (See above.)

5. Um. I guess I only know 4 things.

I know way more about Normal, IL.


  1. Uh oh, Matt would now classify you as a chicagoan. He claims that all chicagoans think that anything south of 80 is southern Illinois.

  2. Actually, I think anything south of 90 is southern IL, but I didn't want to sound snobbish.

  3. I agree. Anything south of Chicago is Southern Illinois....well, not really just Southern Illinois, more like anything south of Chicago is The South.

  4. I would not totally disagree with you Steph.

    I remember stopping in a restaurant near Saint Louis, but still is IL and everyone in the restaurant had super strong southern accents. I think if over 35% of the people in your area have a Southern accent then your area should be classified as The South.