Friday, December 10, 2010

On Peanut Butter Bans and Battles

Standing in line at an unnamed location, I overheard two mothers discussing a peanut and tree nut ban at one of their child's school.

This woman was incredibly put out that she could not send a pb+j in her kid's lunch box. It was apparently the only thing the kid ate. This mother was thinking of sneaking a sandwich in the kids lunch bag and hoping no one noticed.

I didn't turn around and call the woman a bitch, but I really wanted to. I itched to do it.


Giving her kid a peanut butter sandwich is worth risking a dangerous deadly reaction to some other poor kindergartner? It is not that poor kid with the peanut allergy's fault he has an immune system flaw. Instead of being so put out, "sneaky peanut mom" should just thank her freaking lucky stars her kid was born with a nice normal immune system, shut the heck up, and give her kid a protein to take in his lunch that wont endanger someone else.

I am so very thankful that I will likely not have to deal with people like her to protect my daughter. My daughter currently only has one food allergy and it is not an anaphylactic one. When she was younger, however, she had an anaphylactic allergy to milk protein which she has thankfully outgrown.

Even at her young age I remember having to be pretty vigilant to keep her safe. We had to leave more then a few playdates when the yogurt melts or goldfish crackers came out. At 18 months she was not selective about what she put in her mouth and other kids were not selective about what they dropped. With a 3 year old to keep an eye on at the same time it just wasn't a safe place for her to be.

I never really got why it was such a big deal for people to bring snacks to playdates when they knew they could potentially hurt someone. I can honestly say that I would have had no problem making an accommodation for another woman's child even before dealing with my daughter's issues.

People kinda suck sometimes I guess.

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