Thursday, December 23, 2010

On Candy Canes and Palmer's Chocolate

Candy canes are the candy corn of Christmas.

They kinda suck, but everyone buys them.

They are awkward to eat; they make your fingers sticky; and despite being minty, they leave a weird film in your mouth.

The only thing worse then finding a candy cane in your stocking is finding Palmer's chocolate. Palmer's chocolate pretends to be normal chocolate. They tempt mothers and grandmothers with being cheap.

"Hmmm. I could save $1.50 if I buy Pamlmer's Christmas Candy instead of a bag of tasty Hershey Kisses."

Unfortunately, Palmers tastes like poo. So after being suckered in by a low price you have now found that you are filling your child's stocking full of crap. Weren't they good this year? Don't you love them?

But don't worry. It is not too late this year if you have stocked up of Palmers and Candy Canes. Walmart takes returns without receipts.

Just go ahead and exchange them for a nice chocolate orange or Lindt Reindeer.

It might not have the same heft and bulk of two bags of Palmer's, but it is much more delicious.

Quality vs. quanity people.


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  1. Ick, i hate palmers. Even Hershey's is pushing it.